@ES Evolution Public BETA 4

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@ES Evolution Public BETA 4

Post by parman_donk on Tue Apr 29, 2008 7:11 am

Bagi yang blm tau, @ES Evo. adalah semacam frontend emulator yang menurut saya adalah frontend paling cool yang pernah dibuat.
Pembuatnya adalah @ruantecman dari forum NGEMU.com

@ES Evolution: public beta 4 released

@ruantec Wrote:
New features:

Fullscreen mode (Won't work for PJ64 though in the update as it is harder to add for PJ64 then originally thought, but will be added at a later time!)
Fullscreen Video mode
Volume knob in Video controls(Ctrl+W to show the menu, Ctrl+E to hide the menu)
Ctrl+F = Switch to fullscreen
Ctrl+D = Switch back to @ES screen
NESTOPIA support (Works perfectly! just setup Nestopia in the "VirtuaNes=" section in the Settings file)
CRC check for rom covers (Works for all cartridge based consoles)
Arcade emu's can now use the titlescreen packs that MAME/FBA has available for download
Bug fixes in the Audio/Video and Games menu which caused @ES to crash sometimes
no more menu flickering in Windows XP!!!
Full Media keys support.
MSN Scrolling text
MSN display the game name and the game icon while playing

As soon as there is time to create a tool to convert my covers of my roms to the CRC format I will upload complete packs for all the cartridge based consoles.

Things that will be added soon:

Gamepad support
Easy Setup
PJ64 and soon ePSXe fullscreen mode
ZIP support(sorry i need to re-write a couple of things in my filter for that)
Cover scroller fix
Fullscreen controls
SSF support
a way to delete items


koleksi lengkap screenshotsnya bisa dilihat disini


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